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Savage Sphere

Multifunctional Electric Face Massager

Multifunctional Electric Face Massager

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Revitalize with Temperature Variance:

  • Experience the Hot Effect (40-45℃): Embrace the warmth as this electric face massager employs heat technology, enhancing the absorption of beauty products. Elevating blood circulation, it optimizes nutrition absorption.

  • Embrace the Cold Effect (5-10℃): Discover the soothing coolness as this beauty device nurtures sensitive skin, offering a calming sensation. Beyond relief, it aids in firming, tightening, and pore minimization through muscle massage.

Invigorate with Vibrational Massage:

  • Elevate Moisture Retention: Vibrational massaging aids in moisture preservation, spurring cell rejuvenation. As cells renew, your skin regains tightness, revealing a radiant complexion with fewer wrinkles.

Illuminate with LED Light Care:

  • Red Light: Known as biological activity light, it breathes life into cells, fostering collagen production, diminishing wrinkles, eye puffiness, and fine lines. It serves as a potent anti-aging and antioxidant agent.

  • Blue Light: Combat inflammation and acne, achieving skin equilibrium by balancing oil and moisture. The result: minimized pores and a harmonized environment for both oily and sensitive skin.

Unveil Radiance in Skincare:

  • Amplify Skin Brightening & Beautification: Enhance skin tone and texture, minimizing pores and fine lines, delivering remarkable anti-aging benefits. Witness a lifting, tightening effect with increased elasticity and a luminous glow.

Tighten Skin with a 360-Degree Approach:

  • Skin tightening is achieved through 360-degree rotation for comprehensive cleansing and massage. Beads are thoughtfully designed for effective massage across various body parts, with a special focus on sensitivity and unconscious skin areas.

Master the Beauty Bar:

  • By incorporating a daily regimen of facial massage using this roller, you emulate the techniques of a cosmetologist. Witness the transformation of your skin into a portrait of health and youthfulness.
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