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Savage Sphere

Ultra scalp head massager

Ultra scalp head massager

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[Ultimate Scalp Relaxation]: Unwind Your Scalp and Alleviate Stress Anytime, Anywhere

[3 Modes for Bliss]: Immerse in three distinct modes: dynamic mode, sleep mode, and relaxation mode. Activate the Head Massager with a Long Press of the Button and effortlessly switch between the trio of modes, delivering a range of unique massages.

[Complete Massage Experience]: With 8-frequency vibrating contacts, this Head Massager offers an all-encompassing 360-degree massage coverage, ensuring every inch of your scalp is pampered.

[Caution]: Please be advised that this product is NOT waterproof. It is imperative to keep the massager away from water and refrain from usage with wet hair. For your safety, the massager will automatically power off after 15 minutes of operation. Should you wish to manually power it down, press the power button for 2 seconds.

[Portable Bliss]: The calming massager provides an ideal respite following a demanding day. An excellent gift choice for both friends and family, its portability makes relaxation accessible wherever you go.

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